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The Quarantine Recipe Club is a newsletter dedicated to sharing and trying new recipes and to providing a feeling of community during these unpredictable times.

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Hey! I Made That
Comments or pictures from people who tried recipes featured in the last newsletter

Recipe Recs
Recommendations from other folks in the community! They'll share a little about what they like about the recipe, any special notes or pieces of advice
*Everyone who submits a recipe has already tried that recipe in the last few weeks

Looking Forward to Trying
Recipes that are on people's "to try" list!

In Search Of
Is there a specific type of recipe you're looking for? Crowdsource some recipes!

This week in Pictures
Readers send in pictures of delicious food they've made that week!


What our fans are saying...

"This newsletter is the best part of quarantine (except for spending 24/7 with my dog)"

"I look forward to reading it every time"

"Having the freedom of expression with a real, authentic tone instead of one designed for the masses makes it resonate a lot more because I (personally) feel like I can relate and I'm not just consuming media. Breaking down walls between a "group of like minded individuals" and a "consumer-facing brand" has made the whole thing a milltion times stronger and more enjoyable to be a part of"

"Thank you for making me start my day with a giggle...You're bringing joy during a very trying time"

I've tried to three times to buy chickpeas (unsuccsessfully) so I can make the recipe from one of last week's issues of QRC" 

"LOVE LOVE LOVE...I'm a big fan!"


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